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Chapel Dulcinea Wedding | Danielle + David

This Chapel Dulcinea wedding was tucked in the hills right outside of Austin, Tx. This sweet chapel is always filled with intimate weddings. Danielle and David are obviously loved by their families. Their families surrounded for their warm sunset wedding in Sept. Her details were a mixture of vintage and new items. Danielle wore a dainty flower wreath in her hair and a simple lace wedding gown. Her mom and best friend helped her to get dressed prior to her first look with David. When she was ready we stepped just into the wooded area for a private moment where Danielle and David could see each other. They walked hand and hand to the ceremony site and said their vows. Congrats you two!

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The bell was rang loudly after their ceremony. But the laughter pouring out of them was overpowering the chimes of the bells! I can still here these two laughing as I look at this picture. :)Chapel Dulcinea weddingHJP_0109_WEBChapel Dulcinea weddingHJP_0125_WEBHJP_0136_WEB

Wedding venue: Chapel Dulcinea

If you are looking for an intimate venue with beautiful surroundings a Chapel Dulcinea wedding may be perfect for you.