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Hummingbird House Wedding

This Hummingbird House Wedding….. let me just tell you how much I love all the gold elements! This wedding was beautiful and these images were captured by me while working with Luxe Photography. But what really impressed me was how well the bride and groom spent their budget. The things that mattered to them most they went all out for and the things that they didn’t personally career about the omitted. For example, his ring, they chose to use his college ring… because he wasn’t going to wear a band and a college ring. I love when couples break the mold and step out of traditions to make their day personal and about them!!! Think about it… if you are married, what would you do different now? Planning your wedding? Look for things that matter and make them part of your day… Don’t just follow the crowd. What are somethings you want to go big on? What are the things you could do with out?

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Someone brought a hola-hoop to the reception. Not sure where it came from but it was a big hit. This little one was about the only guest that could really keep it going! LOLĀ HJP_0065_WEBHJP_0067_WEBHummingbird House WeddingHJP_0071_WEB

Venue: Hummingbird House