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Kindred Oaks Wedding | Glamorous and Fun

This Kindred Oaks Wedding was a fun filled rainy day. Central Texas has had some crazy rain in 2015! This was one of those days!!! I literally pulled up to a road that I couldn’t see the other side of the flood and thought, “Whaaaatttt! Turn around don’t drown?? Ugh.” Well, clearly I was not swept away in this… however, I didn’t turn around! *****DISCLAIMER***** Please be advised to not follow my actions and really turn around if this ever happens to you!!! But I was not a guest at the wedding, I might have enjoyed the evening in my favorite sweat pants at home if I was! I was a wedding photographer and rain/flooding was not calling off the wedding so I had to get there!

What a gorgeous day despite the weather. I’m not sure I have ever been to a more action packed wedding EVER! Raffles, face painting, midnight snack food truck, photo booth, in addition to the usual festivities! Y’all need to check out the giant heads the bride and groom made.

As always, a total pleasure to second shoot for the wonderful Luxe Photography. These area few of my photos from the day! :)

HJP_151030145425_WEB.jpgKindred Oaks WeddingHJP_151030151433_WEB.jpgHJP_151030151412_WEB.jpgHJP_151030150903_WEB.jpgHJP_151030150611_WEB.jpgHJP_151030150050_WEB.jpgHJP_151030150021_WEB.jpgHJP_151030145545_WEB.jpgHJP_151030153319_WEB.jpgHJP_151030163058_WEB.jpgHJP_151030162347_WEB.jpgHJP_151030160703_WEB.jpgHJP_151030152629_WEB.jpgHJP_151030160525_WEB.jpgHJP_151030160448_WEB.jpgHJP_151030155945_WEB.jpgKindred Oaks WeddingKindred Oaks WeddingHJP_151030170942_WEB.jpgHJP_151030170217_WEB.jpgKindred Oaks WeddingHJP_151030165846_WEB.jpgHJP_151030164357_WEB.jpgHJP_151030164351_WEB.jpgHJP_151030164220_WEB.jpgHJP_151030164051_WEB.jpgHJP_151030164015_WEB.jpgHJP_151030163952_WEB.jpgHJP_151030182201_WEB.jpgHJP_151030182613_WEB.jpgHJP_151030182757_WEB.jpgHJP_151030182824_WEB.jpgHJP_151030172635_WEB.jpgHJP_151030204806_WEB.jpgKindred Oaks WeddingHJP_151030174223_WEB.jpgHJP_151030173709_WEB.jpgHJP_151030173647_WEB.jpgHJP_151030210759_WEBHJP_151030212038_WEBHJP_151030213430_WEBHJP_151030214812_WEBHJP_151030214743_WEBHJP_151030221222_WEBKindred Oaks Wedding

So much glitz and Fun at Kindred Oaks! No rain stopping this party!!