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Texas Women’s Federation Wedding | Austin, Tx

This Texas Women’s Federation Wedding is a great example of what couples we are looking for. As you look through these pictures you will notice we don’t even seem like we are there! They were locked on to each other and the moment 100% of the time. That being said, we don’t expect every couple to naturally do this! We have our ways of making it happen and our greatest hope is to add to your moments during the wedding day and not pull away from your day.

If you are a crazy in love couple or a couple that loves each other but feels like they are awkward in front of the camera… let’s talk! We would love to setup a meeting and walk you through the ways we do this and what you can expect.

I’m honestly writing this blog because of a client call I had just a few hours ago…their concern is the authentic look doesn’t seem possible with out it really being a moment. Aka somebody has a fake smile they use unless you really make them smile! Ummm …not a problem.

Enjoy these photos! I was second shooting for Luxe Photography at this wedding and these are a very few of my favorites!

HJPL8986_WEB.jpgHJPL8987_WEB.jpgTexas Women
HJPL9080_WEB.jpgTexas WomenHJPL9103_WEB.jpgHJP_8202_WEB.jpgHJP_8117_WEB.jpgHJP_8128_WEB.jpgHJP_8131_WEB.jpgHJP_8181_WEB.jpgHJPL9214_WEB.jpg
HJP_8279_WEB.jpgHJP_8282_WEB.jpgTexas Women

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