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Georgetown Senior Session | Emily

This Georgetown Senior Session makes me smile… Every senior session makes me go back to when I had my senior photos done. I totally fessed up to Emily about my senior photo (insert gag here).

Full disclosure, I had a weird old man take my photos. It was 2001 and everyone was hugging trees in their photos. It was the trendy thing in Sr. pictures at the time, everyone was doing it. Well, I have always wanted to be my own person. Don’t get me wrong, some trendy things I am all about… but NEVER have I been about photography trends. (Don’t ask for me to add a dinosaur chasing you…lol) Not even back then before I was doing photography. So I’m in the car with my mom completely dreading this session. I remember so clearly, “Mom, there is NO WAY I’m doing a tree hugger photo!” Now we start the session and we get to the tree hugger pose and I just can’t be rude to the weird old man and I just go along with it… UGH. One guess what picture went into my yearbook….

I love doing senior sessions because I want to capture the fun and free loving spirit of a senior. There is no way I’m having you lean against a tree, promise. We play lots of games and act a little silly but we have fun! Emily was such a trooper and ran with the games. Thanks for being fun, Emily!


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