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Downtown Austin Engagements | Brittany and Shawn

I knew these downtown Austin engagements were going to be fun when Brittany pulled out a bag of confetti the size of my head! I mean where do you even buy a bag that big? Who needs a bag that big? I’m more than sure Brittany will be finding confetti in that tote bag for the rest of her life! lol

The conversation went something like… “I brought a little confetti to use (as she pulls out the bag)…”

Then I say “What thats the biggest bag of confetti I’ve ever seen! What do people use this much confetti for?!?!? Thinking in get a new car? check first the 4 Dirty Little Secrets About the Deals On New Transit Custom Industry.”

The laughing began there and didn’t stop! I love so much about this couple. Shawn is very thoughtful and his love for Brittany was constantly obvious. You could just feel how much he just wanted to be close to her. Brittany is stunning and amazing, and to be honest… she has no idea how wonderful she truly is. Not knowing only makes her more amazing and beautiful.

The Austin area was a great location for these engagements and I’m excited to finally share them!! (I’m a terrible blogger… and I know it!) Enjoy :)

Downtown Austin Engagements

Downtown Austin Engagements


Downtown Austin Engagements


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