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About Me

Hi, I’m Heather.

There are many things I love in the world…my four kids and my husband are just a few of the top ranked items! I’m so thankful for photos like these that help my precious moments last. As each of my children grow and change, I am able to rush back to this moment with just a glance. I love to truly be present during moments… photographed or not. Soaking up this fun and crazy life. Meeting new people and watching amazing moments unfold…thats why I do this!

Loves: My family, belly laughs, shopping, soul mates, baseball, great light, traveling, chocolate, editing in sweatpants, Restoration Hardware, Kendra Scott Jewelry, working with amazing couples, singing to the radio, couples that add personal touches to their wedding, organizing, sushi, the variety each wedding day has, raw moments, connecting with people, getting snail mail, being creative, tears.

Not so much: Allergies, when my dogs play in mud after a bath, crop-dusters on the dance floor, traffic, blogging, timelines that do not allow couples to enjoy their wedding day, poison ivy, having my photos taken, matching socks when folding laundry, snakes, forgetting to drink enough water on a wedding day.

Photo Credit: SJK Photography

Austin wedding photographers

Austin wedding photographers


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