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Texas Women’s Federation Wedding | Austin, Tx

This Texas Women’s Federation Wedding is a great example of what couples we are looking for. As you look through these pictures you will notice we don’t even seem like we are there! They were locked on to each other and the moment 100% of the time. That being said, we don’t expect every couple […]

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Georgetown Courthouse Wedding | Sandra + Greg

This Georgetown Courthouse Wedding with a now family of 6 was such a blast. The weather was absolutely perfect and the laughs contagious. I am literally sitting here sweating as Central Texas summer heat is in full swing (ok ok ok, it’s just 82 but ughhhhhh). The weddings lately have been hot or perfect. This […]

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Central Texas Weddings | Kari + Hondo

Central Texas Weddings have been interesting to say the least! I’ve enjoyed meeting so many people! There are so many fantastic people out there! Hondo blew me away by extensively thanking each person as they walked down the aisle. They were so gracious and caring. Let’s get back to the interesting comment… Central Texas weather… […]

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Austin Wedding | Vanesa + Oscar

As much as I love being an Austin Wedding Photographer, I’m also a mom of four. That’s right, 4… No there are not any twins or triplets or surprises… literally 4 planned and loved babies. I love them dearly, however, the last two weeks they have been extra talented in giving/sharing. I’m proud of them… […]

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